Helping Humanity One Flight at a Time

Can you use your certificate to serve humanity through mission aviation? It is estimated that there are approximately 160 organizations around the world that use aviation as a tool to serve humanitarian and mission causes.  Each mission has different requirements as to certification and experience, some require both pilot and maintenance certification.  Of course, the more challenging the flying environment, the more experience and specialized training is needed to operate safely.  Some remote airstrips are located on the side of a mountain, resembling more of a ski slope than a landing strip; land uphill, take off downhill.  Add to that the challenge of changing surface conditions.  A heavy tropical downpour can render a once smooth dirt strip into a landing gear busting trap to the unwary pilot.

During my nearly four years in Papua New Guinea as an aircraft mechanic serving the Bible translation effort, I’ve developed great respect for the pilots who fly in this extremely challenging environment of rapidly changing weather and hostile terrain.  Their professionalism and commitment to safety put many apprehensive passengers at ease.

Do you have the ability to make critical decisions quickly without giving away the safety margins?  Maybe you have what it takes to serve your fellow humans beyond the end of the road.  A good place to start is


Written By: Tyler Weaver (ATS Maintenance Team)