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There are many reasons you might choose to charter a plane for business and personal travel. It’s comfortable, convenient, and is much more affordable than what most people expect. At Aero-Tech Services, we offer both Business Air Charter and Personal Air Charter Services.

Our pilots have at least a commercial rating. Most have an Air Transport rating. That means that no matter what size plane you are chartering with us, you have a “major league” pilot in the cockpit.

Aero-Tech Services currently has 4 charter aircraft available for your convenience.

Lear 45 Jet

lear jet charter lancaster lititz philadelphia pennsylvania pa private jet rental

Pilatus PC12-NG

Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC12

Typical Travel Times

aerotech services charter flight range
** These are approximations and all speed/ranges are affected by weather, weight, runway length and prevailing winds.

Some of the advantages for our Business Air Charter Clients are:

  • Avoid the hassle of major metropolitan airports
  • You can leave when you want so can maximize the use of your valuable time
  • There are no long lines and waiting at the airport for hours
  • No costly, unnecessary flight delays
  • No security risks
  • Less stress
  • Potential travel cost savings

Personal Air Charter Passengers enjoy the following perks:

  • No TSA body scans and pat-downs
  • No baggage charges or lost bags
  • You are not limited to the airline’s limited flight schedules
  • No unnecessary flight delays
  • You can travel where you want/you are not limited to major airports

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We work with each customer’s individual scenario to make sure we are addressing your specific goals for any charter. It’s not what we want that’s important. It’s what you want – your flight is our destination.

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