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Professional aviation has relied on full-motion simulators for more than 50 years because of the scheduling convenience and scenario flexibility that would be impractical in a real aircraft. In partnering with Redbird Flight Simulations we are thrilled to be able to give our customers access to this technology tailored to the general aviation flight training customer. Imagine not having to cancel another flight lesson because the weather won’t cooperate! Consider the benefits of hitting the “Pause” button in the middle of your flight to discuss what just happened with your Flight Instructor. Perhaps you want to experience wind shear on short final or an instrument failure “in the clouds” all while operating within a safe environment. A simulator allows you to practice system failures the way they occur in the real world of flying. The preparedness you develop will make you a more confident and relaxed pilot behind the controls.

Flight Simulator Best Flight School Pilot Training LancasterThe most obvious value is that you can utilize the Redbird FMX for up to 40% of the flight training requirement for our FAR 141 Approved Instrument Course. As the area’s ONLY FAR 141 approved school this means even greater value to our 35 hour Instrument Rating Course.


Not working on an Instrument Rating??? There’s more…

Pilots at all levels will benefit from the capabilities of the ATS Redbird. Whether you are learning the basics of tracking a course as a Private Pilot or you want to fly the demanding approaches of airports located in the Rocky Mountains you can do it all right here at Aero-Tech Services! Have a cross country flight in your future? You can practice all the approaches at your destination before you even launch in the airplane.

But wait, there’s more…

Flight Simulator Best Pilot Training Top Flight School LancasterFlight Training at all levels contains a great deal of procedural training and cockpit resource management. Who, at one time or another, hasn’t forgotten an item while demonstrating a maneuver? Pilots training for any rating will be better able to cement the procedures for any task in an environment that is far more conducive to learning than that of an airplane cockpit.

But wait, there’s more…

As a Pilot you have been thoroughly trained on how to handle many different types of equipment failures and malfunctions. We can do a lot of realistic training in an airplane but the reality is that (hopefully) all of your experience has been simulated. In a twist of irony the ATS Redbird will enable you to train with these failures and malfunctions with a greater degree of reality. Some of the most extreme situations occur because of the insidious nature of a failure. You certainly notice an instrument cover when your Instructor places it over the Attitude Indicator but how will you respond when it starts to wind down slowly, tricking you into flying a slow subtle turn. For all of the TAA (Technologically Advanced Aircraft) pilots out there, consider the level of failure that can be effectively duplicated in the airplane. The ATS Redbird will enable us a far greater degree of system malfunction with the G1000.

But wait, there’s more…

Top Flight School Lancaster PA Red Bird Flight SimulatorFor those of you who have been considering a checkout in the G1000 or a transition to or from a glass-panel display the ATS Redbird will allow you to make the transition at a fraction of the cost. Throw in a couple of quick instrument approaches just for good measure while you’re at it!

But wait, there’s even more…

As they say… the sky is the limit! Having become convinced of the value and benefit of the ATS Redbird to all of our customers we are excited to share this exciting opportunity with you.

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