Anywhere By Air

As our 2012 Fly-out season drew to a close last weekend I’ve been thinking reflecting on our destinations this year and anticipating the new adventures next year.  Each destination offered something unique and exciting.  We started the season by venturing into one of the most highly protected airspaces in the country: Washington DC.  There we enjoyed sharing the runway with “the heavies” and explored the Air and Space Museum.  The next month we cruised over central park, the Statue of Liberty (known to pilots in the area as “the lady”), and the Empire State building on our way to breakfast near Poughkeepsie, NY.  Seeing the Big Apple from the sky means catching all the sights and none of the traffic!  In July we changed pace and flew to a private strip in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania.  Some of us fished, a few played a round of golf, and we all feasted on barbecue chicken before launching for home.  None of these day-trip opportunities would have been possible without wings. 

I love flying because I can get to wherever I want to be while doing something really exciting and enjoyable.  My wife and I flew to Lynchburg, VA to celebrate my friend’s wedding a few weeks ago and had a perfect trip.  Because of our busy schedules, we couldn’t have been there without flying.  Not only did we make it to the wedding, but we enjoyed the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on the flight down and discovered a unique airport along the way.  Best of all, sleeping in our own bed at the end of the day made us truly appreciate the advantage of wings over wheels.


-Zach Hurst

Flight instructor