What’s your “pilot” learning style?

When you look for a flight school or flight training, your purpose is to learn. Right?

Every person has his own “best” learning style. It’s the way you like to learn something new. That includes how you will learn piloting skills. So, what’s your best learning style, and how can you help your instructor understand your learning needs so he can help you learn faster?

Start with a recognition that the FAA requires every pilot to learn certain specific skills and information. It’s not like you can pick and choose what you have to learn. BUT, you certainly can make it a lot easier for your Aero-Tech flight instructor, if you can help him understand how you learn most easily.

It’s rare to find a flight instructor who knows about different learning styles. We have invested in training our flight instructors about personalities, learnings styles, and many other teaching tools that few flight schools ever invest in. It’s one of the reasons our students have such an extraordinarily high success rate for getting the rating or certificate they want.

Here’s a quick overview of the different learning styles:

  • Visual