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Discover the Redbird

Best Flight School Lancaster PA Redbird Flight Simulator

Want to see what it feels like to fly an airplane without even leaving the ground?  Try an introductory flight in the Redbird Simulator.  With vivid graphics and full motion you may just forget that you are still on the ground!

Includes 30 minutes of flight time and 30 minutes of ground instruction.
Cost $95.00

Discovery Flight Airplane

Lancaster Top Flight School Pilot Instruction Flying School Aerial View
Take the controls of a real airplane and see what it’s like to fly!  On this introductory flight you will get to see what it’s like to be in control of the airplane with an instructor safely beside you.  This is our version of a mini lesson. Includes 30 minutes of flight time and 30 minutes of ground instruction.
Cost $199.00

First Flight Lesson Airplane

Best Flight School Pilot Instruction Lancaster PA Student Taking First Flight Lesson
The First Flight Lesson will show you exactly what a real flight lesson is like in an airplane.  Meet with your instructor and pre-flight the aircraft before takeoff.  Then take the controls for a full hour of flight.  With more time in the air then the Discovery Flight, the First Flight Lesson provides a longer more comprehensive flight for the person looking to learn more! Includes 1 hour of flight time and 1 hour of ground instruction.
Cost $320.00

Ground School Curriculum

Top Flight Instruction Pilot Training Flight School Ground Training

For every pilot rating there is ground school training to go along with it.  Why not get the beginner pilot all the information they will need to take their written exam. Cost: $385.84


Top Flight Instruction Pilot Headset Lancaster PA

A headset is one of the most used items in a pilots flight bag.  Aero-Tech Services offers Lightspeed and David Clark products available for purchase. Cost: Varies by make and model

Gift Certificate

We offer gift certificates for any amount.  Why not put money on account for your friend or family member who is learning to fly!

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