Multi-Engine Rating

Privileges & Limitations

  • FAA qualified to fly aircraft with two engines.
  • Multi-engine ratings are available with VFR-only limitations and private pilot limitations. An instrument add-on must be obtained to fly IFR in a multi-engine aircraft. A commercial rating must be obtained to fly for hire.
  • Aircraft that are larger than 12, 500 lbs or are turbojet powered require a type rating.
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  • No written test required.
  • Receive and log training from an authorized instructor.
  • Pass an FAA practical test. (There will be a flight examiner fee)

Additional Info

  • Accelerated training is recommend for this course.
  • Complex currency is recommended.
  • Instrument proficiency is recommended for IFR course.
  • Aircraft is available for training purposes only

Contact ATS for more details.

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