Discovery Flight

Want to discover what flying is really like? Give us a call and experience it first hand. You sit in the pilot’s seat, just like you would if you were taking lessons. You get to fly the plane (with the help of your instructor). And you get to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the U.S.
Discovery flight

Give us a call at 800.852.8693 right now… or fill out the form below and make an appointment to start your discovery of a whole new world of fun and freedom.

We look forward to showing you the world form a whole new point of view.

My personal flight training experience is . . .

 None, but I just want to see what it's like up there
 None, but I am interested in finding the right flight school
 I have taken lessons but never finished a rating
 I have a pilot certificate
 I have an advanced pilot certificate (instrument or higher)