Aircraft Maintenance

Here at Aero-Tech Services we’ve been maintaining our own fleet of aircraft for over 30 years. From Wing Spar Replacements and Annual Inspections right on down to Oil Changes and Replacing Light Bulbs we’ve done it all. Recently we’ve added to our maintenance staff due to increased demand from aircraft owners who are looking to put our expertise to work for them. Find out more about our maintenance technicians on our staff page.




Give us a call today at 800.852.8693 or send us an e-mail to learn how we can help keep your airplane in the air. Whether you just need to have a minor issue addressed or a major inspection or overhaul we can probably handle it. And if we can’t, we can help you find the person who can quickly and efficiently.


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If your aircraft is not based at LNS (Lancaster, PA) just ask us about pickup and delivery options by our staff of profesional Commercial Pilots. If you are in need of a Flight Review or Instrument Proficiency Check a maintenance delivery flight can be the perfect opportunity to complete this valuable training with one of our experienced Flight Instructors.


Give us a call at 800.852.8693, or stop by our office at LNS (Lancaster, PA). We look forward to helping you keep your airplane flying safely.

Customer Testimonial

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“I want to thank you for the great job you guys did on my airplane during its annual. I have owned my Cherokee since 2007 and I have not had an annual yet that didn’t seem to drag on for 2 weeks and be overly expensive when it was done. Your guys did a great job and I am very happy with the final bill. I would also like to thank you for your help with the avionics problems I was having. I really do appreciate you working with me on ferrying the plane to Smart and back. That saved me a lot of hassle. I will definitely letting all my friend’s know about your services for their planes.