No more long airport lines and delays

When was the last time you looked forward to flying commercial?


You have to fight the traffic going to the airport, struggle to find a parking spot, heft your bags to the nearest pick up zone for the shuttle, drag them into the airport, pay to have them checked, shuffle through the long lines of security, wonder if you are going to make your flight at all, hurry down the concourses to find your departure gate, wait while they board 200 or more people, get delayed on the tarmac, and finally get in the air only to fight traffic at the other end trying to get out of the airport.


Yeow! How about a different way of traveling? For instance…


You wake up, make breakfast, have a leisurely drive to the small regional airport near you (or to the less congested general aviation area of the major airport), park for free a few feet from the front door, find yourself greeted with a friendly smile and a cup of coffee or tea, get yourself comfortably situated in the plane, take off when everyone is ready, have a comfortable flight, land at an airport much closer to your final destination than the major airport in the region, be helped to your rental car, and know that your “private airline” will be ready for you when you want to leave. And you accomplish all of that in less time than it would have taken you to fight all those problems flying commercial.


We want to be your personal airline. If you would like to re-discover the joy of traveling, give us a call, or click on the button below. One of our flight coordinators will be glad to help you see that travel can be fun again.


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