Save money and time on business travel

If you are flying with three or more persons, we can probably get you there for less than flying commercial. And we can get you from home to your destination faster than any commercial flight can.


The real beauty of air charter for business is that you get there faster and more relaxed on your schedule. We treat you as if we were your own private, personal airline. We pick you up when you want to go, treat you like the VIPs you are, and bring you back whenever you are ready. We can even arrange for ground transportation at either end, if desired.


You can also save money… especially if the trip is a last minute one. With the efficiencies of flying with multiple persons, you can take that extra person or two that you really wanted to take without any added flight cost. Or you can take along that special equipment you wanted to take but were afraid to check in as baggage on a commercial flight.


Business travel doesn’t have to be the hassle it has become flying commercial airlines these days. Let us give you VIP treatment and make your business trip easier and far less stressful.


Just give us a call, and one of our flight coordinators will happily help you with your business flight needs. We want to be your “private airline.”


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