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When it comes to air travel these days, there are three letters that say it all: TSA. Are you having fun yet?

Instead, change the order of those letters, and you have the ticket to better air travel: ATS Air Charter.

Who in their right mind would purposely subject themselves to the indignity of flying commercial these days? Full body scans, pat downs, discovering that your bags were randomly unpacked and searched, long lines of stressed out people trying to get to their flights. What a mess.

Now imagine showing up at a quiet airport, parking in a free lot a few feet from the entrance, bringing all the stuff you would have to check right with you onto the plane, being greeted with a friendly smile and a helping hand, and not having to worry that one of the passengers might be a crazy person bent upon harming everyone on the plane.

Flying ATS Air Charter is like having your own personal airline. You are the boss. We fly when you are ready to where you want to go without the hassles of flying commercial airlines.

Ready for a better travel experience? Give us a call or click on the button below. One of our flight coordinators will be happy to help you discover how much more comfortable flying can be.


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