Recurrent Training

Have you taken a break from aviation?

We all know life can get busy! With jobs, families, friends, and all the day to day things that seem to take up our time, sometimes flying ends up being pushed to the side. If it has been a while since your last flight and you’re looking to knock the rust off, Aero-Tech Services Inc. can help. Whether you have been out of the air for just a few months or a few years ATS has what it takes to get you current and back in the air again! Give us a call to set up an appointment.

Don’t keep telling yourself someday… start flying again today!

Are you interested in more specific training?

A wise man once said that “A private pilots certificate is a license to learn.”

When entering the world of aviation on your own don’t be afraid to keep learning! Our goal is to develop safe responsible pilots with good aeronautical decision making skills. If there is a specific area in aviation that you would like more training on we would be happy to tailor lessons to fit your needs. Maybe you recently found yourself in a situation and would like some feedback, or you are planning a long cross country to an airspace you are unfamiliar with. Whatever the reason let our experience help.

Some examples of specific training:

  • Communications
  • Flight Following
  • Airspace
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Short Field or Soft Field Landings
  • Weather
  • Understanding Regulations

In need of a Biannual Flight Review?

According to FAA regulation 61.56 a flight review must be performed every 24 calendar months in order to act as pilot in command of an aircraft. A minimum of 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training are required for this Flight Review. Aero-Tech Services, Inc. is available seven days a week for BFR’s.

* Headsets are available for rental if you do not have your own pair. Ask us about our headset rental program.

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