Personal air charter

Personal air travel used to be fun. What happened?

Well… lots of things happened. The TSA, full body pat-downs, baggage charges, limited flight schedules, bad airport food, flight delays that have nothing to do with the weather. And much more! Flying commercial just isn’t what it used to be.

What’s more, most people want to travel to somewhere that is not even close to a major airport.

Think about it: Is it better to fly all day… getting to a major airport, then renting a car to drive an hour or more to get to your ultimate destination… or would it be better to get on your own “private airline” when you are ready to leave, … and land at an airport nearer your ultimate destination?

That’s what more and more people are discovering with ATS air charter.

We pick you up at an airport near you. We take off when you are ready. We land as close as possible to your ultimate destination. And we take you home when you are ready. That’s what air travel could be for you.

Whether it is for a weekend or for a month, we can typically get you there faster and with fewer problems. No TSA, no baggage charges, no lost baggage, … just a comfortable flight directly to your destination.

Our pilots are all at least have a commercial rating. Most have an Air Transport rating. That means that no matter what size plane you are chartering, you have a “big” pilot in the cockpit.

We work with each customer’s individual scenario to make sure we are addressing your specific goals for any charter. It’s not what we want that’s important. It’s what you want.

So, if you are considering travel by yourself or with your family, give us a call. One of our flight coordinators will be happy to help you discover how to create your own “personal airline.” Just call us at the phone number shown above.

We want to make you smile again!

Call now at… 717.394.2675

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