Let’s Be Honest…

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“Let’s Be Honest…”

“What’s it like to learn to fly?”

“Oh it’s amazing and exciting! Go for it!!”

When you’re in the business of flight training it’s tempting to answer potential prospect’s questions with unbridled optimism and enthusiasm. The problem is that often doesn’t give the most honest and complete response.

Is learning to fly amazing and exciting? You bet. It can also at times feel overwhelming, frustrating and discouraging. Let’s face it –in today’s split second, connect-and-get-what-you-need world, the idea of delayed gratification is not all that appealing. Plus, our visions of climbing out the cockpit bathed in sunlight wearing our aviator shades seem to fade as we struggle with a maneuver or have difficulty learning to land.

Yet when we experience these frustrations it’s important to be reminded of a truth of becoming an aviator: it’s a journey and it can be hard. Remember the classic character from “A League of Their Own” Jimmy Dugan talking about baseball:  “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”

Remember also that the journey is colored by some amazingly encouraging experiences. Finally mastering a maneuver, learning to land, or just flying on a beautiful night are inspiring and help to embolden your efforts. Not to mention, every pilot remembers their first solo flight. Even after my most difficult lessons I remember thinking, “Wow. I just flew a plane. Way cool.”
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Everyone knows that learning to fly requires a commitment of your time and resources and anyone considering it should do an honest assessment of those areas. But in addition, ask yourself if you’re also ready to invest some of your ego. Are you ready for what John Zimmerman from Sporty’s Flight Academy calls “…one of the last big challenges we can take on in a virtual world.”?

So, will learning to fly be an amazing and exciting adventure? Absolutely. Will the road also be littered with times of difficulty and frustration? Sure. But let’s be honest: it’s worth it!!!