Business Air Travel

Business air travel is a big expense for any business. So why do businesses continue to use the most expensive means of air travel? Probably because they have not learned how much cheaper air charter can be for them.

I know. There is a reverse snobbery that says, “If my customer finds out I paid to charter a plane to get here, he will think I’m charging him too much.” Really?

Let’s look at the facts:

  • You arrive on HIS schedule, even though you live hundreds of miles away. You see, with air charter you can arrive when you want and leave when you you want. So, if your customer wants you to stay over for dinner, no problem (and no overnight hotel costs). Your plane is waiting for you when you are ready to go.
    The REAL result is more likely to be: happy customer, happy employer, and bigger sales, because you are so responsive to your customer’s needs.
  • You can bring more team members, who could help solve problemswithout having to wait weeks for discussions and conversations back at your office. You see, when you charter, you can typical fly three or more persons for the same price as flying just three on a commercial flight. That means you can take more people to solve more problems quicker and make the customer happier and show him how committed your company is to helping him.
    Result: You not only increase your sales, but you save the company money, as well.
  • You strengthen the customer relationship and save money, AND you get back in the office rested and ready to early the next morning.Flying air charter, you were able to sleep in later before you left, eat a good breakfast so your perform better in your meetings, and get home to an airport closer to home so you can sleep longer rather than driving from a large distant airport.
    Result: You make the customer happier, and you perform better the next day, which is a better investment for your company and more profitable for you.

Air charter is the secret weapon of many smart marketers. Perhaps you should check it out for your team.

Time really IS money, and we have a way for you to save more of it.