Business Air Charter…Faster, More Comfortable Business Class Travel

Get there more comfortably. Get there on your own schedule. Get there more cost-effectively.

Welcome to the world of faster, more efficient, more comfortable business travel. More and more businesses are discovering that their employees perform better when they fly air charter.

Why? Because they get there faster and with less hassles. They leave when they are ready, and return whenever their meetings end. And they typically can arrive at an airport that is closer to their final destination. That saves money. It reduces stress. And it makes for better performance when it is needed at the actual business meeting.

Air charter can also save you more in your total travel costs. If you need to send three or more persons to a one-day meeting, it usually costs less than sending those same three persons by commercial flight.

That means you could send more people to the same meeting to impress your potential new customer with your dedication and commitment to them.

And we work with every customer on each scenario to accomplish their specific goals. So we become integral to their business travel logistics.

Our pilots have at least a commercial rating. Most have an Air Transport rating. That means that no matter what size plane you are chartering with us, you have a “major league” pilot in the cockpit.

Does business air charter make sense for you? Give us a call, and one of our flight coordinators can help you decide.

Just call us at the phone number shown above. We look forward to helping make your business travel better.

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