Air charter? Learn to fly? We love helping people fulfill their dreams.

There isn’t much better than helping someone discover the freedom and joy of flying. Most people have a dream of flying, but for some reason or other they never get there. That’s very sad.

Sometimes they mistakenly believe it’s too expensive. Sometimes it’s because they have an idea that it will be harder or more intimidating than it really is. But the bottom line is that they never even make an attempt to really find out if flying is everything they dreamed it would be, so they go through their entire lives always wondering.

Here’s a challenge to find out if you are really interested:

  • Come out and visit us.
  • Take a free tour.
  • Talk to an instructor for free.
  • Sit in some planes.
  • And take a Discovery Flight

Take the challenge, and then you will be able to finally find out if you are one of the lucky people on this planet destined to fulfill his or her dream.

Shouldn’t you be one of the few who have touched the clouds, who have seen the world from a perspective that few others have seen? (Yes, it is better from a small plane than from an airliner at 40, 000 feet.)

We look forward to introducing you to the world of aviation that will set you apart from everyone else. Come visit us, and let’s make it happen.



Matt Kauffman, President and owner

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