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This part of the country has some of the most beautiful and inspiring scenic areas in the world. And they are all easily accessible for scenic or photo flights from Aero-Tech Services,  Inc. in Lancaster County, PA. We are ready to take you and your family on scenic flights over Lancaster County — You can even fly over your house!
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Lancaster County, PA, scenic flights – perhaps the most beautiful rural land in the worldDiscover the beauty of Lancaster County, PA from the air. You’ve never really seen it until you’ve flown over it. Lancaster County Pennsylvania is certainly one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. to see from the air. Luscious farmland with literally hundreds of small farms dotting the view. Forests, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, vineyards, the Chesapeake Bay . . . you name it, and we have it within easy flight. We even have our own “grand canyon” of Pennsylvania just a 45 minute flight north of Lancaster, PA. The Susquehanna River has been one of the most popular fishing and boating rivers in the U.S. for more than two centuries. You can follow it from the Chesapeake Bay north to the New York state line and discover the many faces of this great river.
Fall and spring are the most popular times to fly Lancaster County, because of the colors. In spring, the blooming trees are spectacular, especially along the highlands north of Lancaster and the Susquehanna River. In fall, the ever-changing colors are a visual symphony.
If you want to discover the Lancaster County you’ve never seen before, try it from the air with Aero-Tech Scenic and Photo Flights.
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