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Super Decathlon Available at ATS!!!

Top Flight School Aerobatics Spinning Training Lancaster
As any pilot will tell you, earning that Private Pilot certificate is a big accomplishment. It opens the door to everything else that the aviation community can offer you. You’ve probably heard an instructor or examiner tell you the private certificate is a license to learn. That means you’re ready to be a pilot, but there are so many ways to develop your skills while focusing on whatever excites you about flying. If you like to travel that might mean getting an instrument rating. If you want flying to be your career, that could lead you to a commercial or flight instructor certificate. Or we can teach you to fly with the latest in avionics technology and with complex systems. Aero-Tech Services is dedicated to helping pilots reach the level of aircraft mastery they want and need to be challenged. That’s why we are thrilled to offer this NEW way we can take your flying to the next level!

Introducing the multi-talented Super Decathlon available at Aero-Tech Services
Top Flight School Pilot Training Lancaster Pennsylvania Aero-Tech Services Aerobatics InstructionThe addition of this aircraft allows us to offer opportunities the Cessna and Piper trainers just can’t provide. The most obvious advantage of the Super Decathlon is the potential to introduce new pilots to tailwheel flying. A majority of pilots who learned to fly in the last 30 years did so in tricycle gear aircraft. We believe pilots who develop the finesse required for flying tailwheel aircraft will see the benefit translate to any flying they do. Even though the roots of aviation were in conventional gear aircraft, tailwheels are not just for “old timers” who haven’t caught up with the times. The secret is that this flying is very fun and the challenge makes it incredibly enticing! If “stick and rudder” flying is a mystery to you, this aircraft is perfect for honing those skills. There is no feeling quite like mastering a crosswind landing on the front two wheels. Let us show you the fun and excitement to be had when you know how to drag the tail.

Top Flight Training Best Pilot Instruction Aerobatics Spin Instruction LancasterOh and did we mention it’s certified for aerobatics? The Super Decathlon is approved for maneuvers up to +6/-5 G’s. That means it’s prepared to follow your commands through all the loops, rolls, and spins you can imagine. Aerobatic flight is the pinnacle of precision flying. If you’ve been looking for a way to put your flying skills to the test (and make it look really cool in the process), then this is for you. The ability to train in and fly an aerobatic aircraft is a unique opportunity that we are proud to present to our aviation community. Soon you could be flying in local competitions!

If you are interested in aerobatic flying you can learn about GETTING STARTED at our local chapter of the International Aerobatic Club.

Top Flight Training Best Pilot Instruction Aerobatics Spin Instruction LancasterEven if all-out aerobatics isn’t your interest, any safety-conscious pilot can appreciate the importance of unusual attitude and upset recovery training. The Super Decathlon is great for demonstrating multiple-turn spins and every kind of inverted attitude. This training will help you overcome stall or spin anxiety with knowledge and experience. No matter how you want to advance your aviation training, the Super Decathlon has something to offer you.

We’re here to help you expand your horizons…or turn them upside down if you prefer.